PBSC’s 6Log surface disinfection chamber is a modular design, ideal for material production environments and equipment loads in Bio-Medical, Bio-Pharma, and High Containment applications.

The HPV chamber provides fully integrated decontamination solutions from market-leading H202 generator manufacturers, allowing for regulatory compliance and consumable traceability.

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  • Override Buttons
  • H2O2 Bottle Housing
  • Onboard Printer
  • Flush Maglocks
  • Stainless steel bumper rails
  • Large Vision Panels – Flush Glazed Tempered Glass
  • Range of aeration and air handling options
  • Plug and play electrical spares for ease of maintenance
  • Minimal visible fixings
  • Full-service support contracts available to suit GMP and Life Science facilities
  • Flush threshold allowing easy wheeled access
  • Turnkey Solution
  • Siemens™ Colour Touch Screen


Decontamination Chamber Integrated MD-Ci

PBSC's decon chamber is used globally to eradicate problematic bacteria, viruses, and fungi on material loads of equipment entering/exiting controlled areas throughout the Pharmaceutical/Bio-Pharmaceutical, Containment and Biomedical sectors. The integrated decontamination chamber is ideal for facility applications where floor space is limited.

Where you would like to be able to use the generator for other equipment, the MD-C model is available.

PBSC's Integrated Decontamination Chamber is also known as an MD-Ci, Log6 disinfection Chamber,  High Containment Chamber, Material Decontamination Chamber, Decontamination MAL, VHP Chamber, Chlorine Dioxide Decontamination, Decontamination Chamber, High-Level Disinfection, H202 Chamber, and a Decon Chamber.

Technical Specification

  • 6Log Decontamination
  • Cycle times from 45 minutes
  • Data acquisition and management to allow for 21 CFR Part 11 and FDA compliant
  • Siemens S7-1200 or S7-1500 PLC, with either 7”, 12” or 15” Comfort Touch Screens
  • Internal power sockets, to allow electrical items to be run during the fumigation cycle
  • Uni-directional air flow available, cleaning to Grade B/class 1000
  • Option for air handling system without connection to the building HVAC
  • Please contact PBSC for specific design options.
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  • PBSC reserve the right to introduce changes in performance, configuration and technology, dimension, weights and materials in the course of technical progress. Images may not be accurate.
  • Some of the information/images/equipment described or shown may only be available at extra cost. Features & specifications will vary.


  • DQ package including FDS, P&ID, HDS etc...
  • Project Specific Approval Drawing
  • Commissioning of Chamber
  • Installation Services
  • Gas Cycle Development
  • IQ-OQ
  • Gas Cycle Development
  • Operator Training
  • Performance Qualification
  • 6 or 12 monthly servicing/calibration