PBSC’s Ultrasonic Fogging Shower (also known as a mist shower) provides encapsulation or removal of powder from an operative’s suit, and has been assessed by SafeBridge Consultants Inc.

The PBSC fogging shower cycle uses 5 to 10-micron water droplets to encapsulate API particles with minimal wetting through of the operators PPE suit. Reductions in surface concentrations can be up to 800 times less than the starting contamination levels. Air borne particles around the operative and during de-gowning are also significantly reduced.

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  • SafeBridge Assessment on performance
  • Efficient usage of water to minimise liquid waste
  • Air and water pressures to the fogging nozzles are monitored by the PLC
  • Frameless glass door sets
  • All cycle stage timers are user adjustable
  • PLC controlled LED light
  • Emergency override buttons
  • Large range of options available


Using PBSC standard components to your specific requirements and specifications.

PBSC decontamination showers are used to clean personnel on entry or exit to help prevent possible contamination from protective garments.

PBSC have a range of showers to suit different environments and applications, including air showers, water showers, air & water showers as well as the unique PBSC sonic fogging shower.

Technical Specification

  • Please contact PBSC for more details


  • Garment bag-out chutes
  • Folding shelfs
  • Wash gun with hose
  • Breathing air supply point
  • Dosing pump - for chemical addition to fog water, with adjustable proportional dosing rate
  • CIP System with 360 spray ball - operate automatically from PLC timer or manually
  • Emergency deluge shower and/or eyewash station
  • Rinse cycle (reusable garments only) - either from “Coarse” fog nozzles or water sprays
  • Air shower cycle (after rinse cycle only)
  • HEPA filter with coalescent pre-filter on HVAC exhaust from shower, with safe change option
  • There are many more options - please download our datasheet for more details