Why Choose PBSC’s Door Sets…

PBSC’s door sets are specifically designed flush with minimal visible fixings and excellent scratch/wear resistance.

The cleanroom door sets from PBSC within the architectural range, give a showpiece appearance to any facility whilst providing outstanding functionality.

PBSC’s high containment door sets are designed and tested for the highest levels of containment, with references in many leading BSL3 and BSL4 institutes.

Doors from PBSC’s Architectural Range:

Glass Door AR-Dg

Glass Door, Toughened Glass, Stainless Steel, Hospital Door, Cleanroom Door, Clean room Door, NHS Door, Tempered Glass Door, Maglock, APR Door,

The glass door set within the architectural range from PBSC is a preferred hospital door choice incorporating the renowned PBSC wrap-around door frame, having a robust and clean design with the combination of toughened glass door leaf within the clean lines of the stainless steel frame.

Being a popular choice for many cleanroom applications, admired as it creates an “OPEN SPACE” feel, making the door set a favored option for operatives working with the restrictions of a laboratory environment.

PBSC’s glass door leaf is made with 10mm toughened tempered glass which is remarkably robust, delivering high levels of impact, chemical, and scratch resistance.

Presenting exceptional cleanability and with no cavities in the leaf providing no space for bacterial growth.

Stainless Steel Door AR-Ds

Steel Door, Hospital Door, Clean room Door, Laboratory Door, NHS Door, Powder Coated Door, APR Door, Pharma Door, Medical Research, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, 3EN, 5EN

PBSC’s steel door set is a robust steel door system, well-engineered with its flush panel and a seamless frame, developed with the cleanroom environment in mind, standing the test of time with its precision design and reputation for lasting durability and quality.

Purpose-built for laboratories with true flush glazing to both sides of the door leaf, no fixings, or rebates to eliminate possible contamination.

The classic steel cleanroom door contains the PBSC concealed closer system, providing a closer sealed into the door frame to remove the ledges created and a single solid closer arm in solid stainless steel.

Available in single or double-door construction – bespoke to fit existing walls.

Phenolic Resin Door Set AR-Dp

Phenolic Resin Door, Hospital Door, NHS Door, Clean Room Door, Chemical Grade Door, Phenolic Resin, Healthcare, pharmaceutical, Medical Research

Being ideal for cleanroom, corrosive, and laboratory environments, PBSC’s phenolic resin doors are incredibly tough.

Meticulously engineered and manufactured with a solid core of chemical-grade phenolic resin, these doors are resistant to most chemicals and cleaning agents.

Unlike metal doors, they have greater resistance to damage, and importantly, they have no hollow cavities where contamination can ingress.

Improving the look of any facility by incorporating the renowned PBSC wrap-around doorframe, featuring clean uninterrupted lines with concealed door system and solid stainless-steel hinges.

Doors from PBSC’s High Containment Range:

Inflatable Seal Door HC-ISD

Inflatable Seal Door Mechanical Seal Door, High Containment Door, Hospital Door, Lab Door, Laboratory Door, Stainless Steel Door, APR Door, Containment. Medical Research, High Containment Door, Clean Room Door, Cleanroom, Inflatable Seal Door, Airtight Containment,. Airtight Door

PBSC’s inflatable seal door sets provide the highest possible airtight containment in applications involving high traffic and wheeled equipment. The doorframe is flush with the floor eliminating any trip hazard or trolley interference.

The seal around the perimeter of the door is inflated by compressed air against a radiused doorframe and provides excellent leakage resistance up to pressure differences of 2000Pa (8” w.g.).

The door leaf is available in polished stainless steel, powder-coated low-carbon steel, aluminum, or solid core phenolic resin construction.

Provided with the option to use PBSC’s control system, which integrates with the building access control system. Allowing proven software at FAT, reducing site time and risk.

Designed to install into a range of wall types e.g. cast concrete, block, stud, and partition systems.

Mechanical Seal Door HC-MSD

Mechanical Seal Door, High Containment Door, Hospital Door, Lab Door, Laboratory Door, Stainless Steel Door, APR Door, Containment. Medical Research, High Containment Door, Clean Room Door, Cleanroom

PBSC’s high containment APR doors create a dependable airtight barrier by using a strong but flexible seal that is compressed against the doorframe. Manual compression of the seal doesn’t require compressed air, thus providing a fail-safe seal in the event of a power failure.

Mechanical seal door sets from PBSC are applicable for all containment applications, both stainless-steel and machined HPL door leaves are available, both door leaves are tested to 2500PA (10” W.G.). The door set can be linked to an access control system if required.

An easy-use stainless steel arm is used to compress the combed edge of the frame against the seal. The mechanical mechanism is mounted in the door frame, minimizing door weight, and improving maintenance.

Operation of the door is a simple one-handed maneuver available on either side of the door.

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