New Distributor Announcement From PBSC

PBSC are pleased to announce the new partnerships with STEQ and Woojung Bio, both companies are committed to the distribution of PBSC’s products whilst delivering local support and logistical services within Brazil and South Korea.

About STEQ

STEQ based in Brazil focuses on serving the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Veterinary, Chemical, Food and Biotechnology Industries, in addition to Research and Development Laboratories. With extensive experience in the Brazilian market, STEQ offers reliability and commitment through innovative solutions. Contact [email protected]

About Woojung Bio

Woojung Bio Co Ltd based in South Korea and established in 1989, specialises in environmental infection management, laying the foundation for the leap of bio power to improving people’s welfare. Contributing to the development of the domestic life science field with endless efforts and learning attitudes. Contact [email protected]

For more information visit PBSC’s distribution section where you will find address and contact details for both companies.