Outstanding quality for over 35 years

Pharma Biotech System Components ltd, trading as PBSC, is one of the leading manufacturers of High Containment, Material Decontamination, and Cleanroom products worldwide, with a broad product range, customer-focused designs, and vast assembly capabilities within Cleanroom Technology, Medical Research, High Containment, Hospital, and Pharmaceutical sectors, expanding over the years to fulfill customers’ needs with exceptional quality products and services.

  • Products


    The product range from PBSC has been designed specifically for high containment and cleanroom facilities, continually minimizing the threat of contamination, creating trustworthy barriers, and designs to shield staff and boost efficiency.

  • Concept


    PBSC has gained a merited stature as the premier supplier within high containment, material decontamination, and cleanroom environments with progressive manufacturing methods and the search for visionary designs.

  • Delivery and Support

    Delivery and Support

    PBSC provides outstanding local logistical services with agents and representatives worldwide, permitting superior local logistical services and ensuring products arrive on time, including dispatching short-notice items.

  • Everything you Need

    Everything you Need

    PBSC has skilled/trained staff to assist project planning to architects, consultants, and end users, complying with local and global regulations with products designed to meet the customer's specific requirements.

Our Vision

Innovators, creators and industry pioneers

As a leading supplier of cleanroom technology and equipment decontamination, PBSC can ensure its commitment to providing customers with high-quality products and services.

  • High Quality

    PBSC’s dedication to delivering excellent standards by foreseeing the customer’s needs and offering dependability, surpasses expectations, supporting the customer throughout, meeting the ever-growing challenges, and striving for constant improvements alongside QA procedures. PBSC is independently audited and updated constantly, being an ISO9001 accredited business bringing quality to the center of each product and service offered.

  • Sectors

    Engineering cleanroom and high containment solutions which protect healthcare staff and safeguard containment globally whilst allowing research personnel to maintain accurate research trails.

state-of-the-art facilities

Having a brand-new state of the art office and workshop based in Yorkshire, UK.

Having a brand-new state of the art office and workshop based in Yorkshire, UK.

Safeguarding high standards by employing a skilled team of engineers and designers to provide product installations, technical advice, servicing, product selection and demonstrations.