Post Handover Support

The comprehensive after-sales support service plan includes scheduled preventative maintenance programs, spare parts, and servicing.

A high priority is placed on the upkeep and maintenance of PBSC’s products via the supply of approved spare parts and routine servicing.

Service Plans

The service plans from PBSC have been developed to preserve the maximum performance with trained service engineers inspecting the equipment and its performance.

With 12 months to 4 years of service plans available depending on the product and locations of use.

Service plans include:

  • Scheduled coordinated visits, providing minimum disturbance.

  • Various contract length options/frequency.

  • Reliable review of products with recommendations of parts needed.

  • Product performance evaluation.

  • Required minor repairs and adjustments.

  • Recorded quality-controlled documentation.

  • All the maintenance, testing, and servicing are carried out by specially trained PBSC service engineers.

  • Correct procedures are followed and carried out.

Products Included:

Products Included

Spare/Replacement Parts

The disruption caused by product failure due to parts breakdown is a costly disturbance that PBSC can help deter. Quick access to replacement approved spare parts supplied worldwide. With the option for customers to store spare parts to help reduce downtime.

For more information or to arrange parts and services to best meet your facility's needs, please contact PBSC.