Product Research and Development

PBSC implements extensive in-house product research and development, providing leading technology to meet market and customer requirements with reliable and safe products, delivering the required performance and quality, teamed with excellent value.

Working with consultants and end-users, meeting the ever-growing challenges of bio-security and bio-safety within cleanroom and laboratories environments, improving bio-containment in government BSL4 virology laboratories to protecting the sterile conditions of electronics manufacturing, hospital, and pharmaceutical facilities.

  • Innovation


    We translate your requirements to create a product to exceed expectations.

  • Design


    Leading the way with pioneering bespoke designs helping the customer throughout.

  • Quality


    With over 35 years’ experience and a specialist team, we can ensure high standards.

  • Exceptional testing solutions

    The culture of PBSC is of modernization and innovation for continual development and improvement across the Architectural/Cleanroom, High Containment, Material Decontamination, and Personnel Decontamination product range.

  • Extensive levels of investment are crucial

    With PBSC's research and development processes constantly progressing, the need for extensive levels of investment and time is key. PBSC's highly trained dedicated members of staff are committed to ongoing improvement.

  • PBSC's continued support

    With offerings of PBSC's extensive after-sales support, including Programmes, Planned Preventative Maintenance, Spare Parts, Servicing, and continued Refresher Training, PBSC can guarantee continued support second to none.


Safety & Verification

Safety and Verification are crucial core values for PBSC, with conduct and continuous in-house testing ensuring the durability and reliability of all products.

PBSC has grown its product range with more complex and sophisticated control options. Offering complete product instruction in-house, online, or onsite, meeting the ever-growing needs of the end user.

We believe having your technicians trained saves time and money whilst keeping your controlled environment running safely and smoothly

Jamie Davis - Owner