PBSC Wins Best Cleanroom & Material Decontamination Design/Build Company 2023

PBSC is pleased to announce that Global Health & Pharma Magazine has awarded PBSC USA with the Best Cleanroom and Material Decontamination Design and Build Company 2023 within their 2023 Global Excellence Awards program.

Established in 1987, PBSC has become one of the leading manufacturers of cleanroom, high containment, and material decontamination products within the pharmaceutical, medical research, high containment, and hospital sectors worldwide.

The award is selected purely on merit and recognizes the very best in the business, with those who succeed in their endeavours, innovating, growing, and improving.

“We at PBSC are immensely proud to be recognized by GHP as a leader in our industry and are grateful for the award. We always continue to strive for product excellence for the company and all our customers”. Commented Jose Ruiz – President/GM of PBSC INC. “PBSC has taken major steps recognizing our major role within our products, services, and research and development processes”.

PBSC’s Material Decontamination Chambers are successful due to innovative research and development. Offering an array of enhanced features including audit trail functions, networking capabilities, door automation, and updatable technology. PBSC’s commitment to excellence ensures that these chambers deliver high-quality performance, reliability, and provide customer satisfaction.

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Pharma Biotech System Components LLC - Best Material Decontaminate & Cleanroom Design/Build Company 2023 - USA