PBSC appoints a new Engineering Technician for their US office.

Engineering Technician…

PBSC has led the way in providing high-quality products and services to the Pharmaceutical, Medical Research, High Containment, and Hospital sectors worldwide for over 35 years, and announced today the recruitment of Stanley Schoeffel as the new Engineering Technician for their US office.

Stanley joined the team in late April 2023 and has since been around the world including PBSC’s head office in the UK, completing product training and installations.

Prior to joining PBSC, Stanley worked for Eos Energy, where he started as a maintenance technician and moved up the ranks to become the department manager and was part of the overall growth program for the company.

“Stanley comes to PBSC with a wealth of knowledge and skills within electrical engineering, and we are very happy to welcome Stanley to our team” Commented Jose Ruiz – President/General Manager for PBSC USA “With his vast knowledge in electrical engineering, we are sure Stanley will become a valuable addition to the PBSC team and is the first of many new appointments across the board for PBSC with our business model growing from strength to strength”

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