Decontamination Solutions for UMass Memorial Healthcare

Solutions to support the research and development of cutting-edge medications.

The University of Massachusetts Medical School is the largest healthcare system in Central Massachusetts and provides all levels of primary to quaternary healthcare.

UMass Memorial Healthcare (UMM Health) is the clinical partner of the University of Massachusetts Medical School. It was formed in 1998 and is a not-for-profit healthcare network with over 1700 active medical staff and over 3000 registered nurses. UMM Health provides a range of services including emergency care, long-term care facilities, home health, rehabilitation, and behavioral services.

UMass Memorial Medical Center is the region’s only academic university-level teaching center and creates breakthrough medicines to improve lives. They are relentless in the pursuit of healing.

Recognized by US News & World Report as high-performing in diabetes, heart attack, heart bypass surgery, heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), kidney failure, lung cancer surgery, and stroke.

PBSC, which is the leading manufacturer of cleanroom, high containment, and material decontamination products worldwide. In association with Getinge, a global medical technology company providing equipment and systems for healthcare and life sciences, used their expertise to provide decontamination solutions that are now an integral part of UMM’s ethos of making life better.


1x MAL50 Decontamination Chamber.

VHP Decontamination Chamber MD-C

HVAC Integration

  • Ducted Air Intake and Exhaust: The customer’s HVAC system is directly connected to PBSC’s chamber’s inlet and extract valves. This setup ensures that the air intake is controlled for temperature and humidity, optimizing the chamber’s environment.

PBSC Air Handling System (AHS 800)

  • Valve Operation: PBSC’s chamber features a 2-valve air handling system that controls and monitors the inlet and outlet valves. By utilizing volt-free HVAC signals, the system can relay information such as valve status (open/closed) and HVAC freeze conditions to the customer.

Building Management System (BMS) Integration

  • BMS I/Os: Volt-free signals are available for integration with the customer’s Building Management System (BMS), allowing the customer to receive alerts and notifications about the system’s status and alarms.

Pressure Relief

  • HEPA/CAT Filter Pack: The pressure relief filter pack enables controlled pressure release from the chamber during cycles, ensuring safe and stable operation.

Remote Panels

  • Control and Pneumatics Panels: Remote control and pneumatics panels can be installed in technical areas, away from production zones and higher classification areas, facilitating convenient system management.

Documentation and Reporting

  • Thermal and Electronic Printouts: The system provides a thermal printout of the gas cycle and generates an electronic PDF report, which can be sent to a local laptop or designated server location for record-keeping.

H₂0₂ Generator

  • H₂0₂ Distribution: The hydrogen peroxide generator is remotely connected to the chamber via hoses. The generator, with its bottle housing, distributes H₂0₂ gas throughout the chamber, aided by stirrer fans for even dispersion.

Solutions and Results:

The client chose PBSC’s MAL50 chamber because of PBSC’s ability to provide a customized design, as well as a durable and reliable product.

PBSC’s decontamination chamber is a crucial addition to controlled areas throughout the Pharmaceutical, Bio-Pharmaceutical, Containment, and Biomedical sectors…

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