PBSC Ltd Launch Their New Cleanroom Equipment Brochure

PBSC Ltd with its head office in West Yorkshire and is one of the leading manufacturers of Cleanroom, High Containment and Material Decontamination products throughout the world. Announced today the launch of their all-new Cleanroom Equipment brochure.

“After years of continual improvement to our product range and the launching of our High Containment brochure a few years ago. We felt the need to update and improve our Cleanroom Equipment brochure to be in line with our branding and new product features” commented Jamie Davis – Owner of PBSC  “We are committed to our new branding and want all our products and services to mirror that”

PBSC has taken the next step. The brand-new brochure contains the new branding format and reflects the extensive research and development the engineering teams have produced over the years.

PBSC has also decided to reduce its carbon footprint by making this brochure digital and available to download easily from a computer, smartphone, or tablet tailoring a personal approach to their customers whilst being kinder to the environment.

To download PBSC’s Cleanroom Equipment Brochure click here

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PBSC has gained a well-deserved reputation as the leading supplier in cleanroom and high containment environments due to the pursuit of innovative designs, attention to detail, and advanced manufacturing techniques. Dedicated to providing customers worldwide with secure, accurate, and quality products and services while minimizing the risk of contamination.