The Inflatable seal doors from PBSC are flush with the floor eliminating any trip hazards or trolley interference. Providing the highest possible airtight containment in environments involving high traffic and wheeled equipment.

The construction of this pharmaceutical door leaf is available in powder-coated low-carbon steel, aluminium, solid core phenolic, and a variety of polished stainless steel.

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  • Monitoring of seal pressure
  • Monitoring of supply pressure from building
  • Unique PBSC cast stainless-steel hinge assembly
  • Stand-alone PLC controls available
  • Door leaf construction options
  • High leakage resistance across the complete door set
  • Designed to install into a range of wall types
  • Silicone or EPDM inflatable seal
  • Hydraulic or Automatic Door Closers
  • Flush glazed vision panels – toughened or laminated glass
  • Configurable button sets and LED indicators


A practical and functional solutions without the need for a floor threshold…

Provides the highest possible airtight containment in applications involving high traffic and wheeled equipment, primarily used within high containment applications where airtight containment is required, including BSL3 and BSL4 labs.

PBSC's Inflatable Seal Door is also called a High Containment Door, Hospital Door, Lab Door, Laboratory Door, Stainless Steel Door, APR Door, Airtight Door, Air Tight Door, BSL Door, High Containment Door, Pharmaceutical door, and Clean Room Door.

Technical Specification

  • Leakage resistance up to pressure differences of 2000Pa (8” w.g.)
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  • Please contact PBSC for specific design options.
  • PBSC reserve the right to introduce changes in performance, configuration and technology, dimension, weights and materials in the course of technical progress. Images may not be accurate.
  • Some of the information/images/equipment described or shown may only be available at extra cost. Features & specifications will vary.


  • Interlock systems
  • Frame designs to seal to almost all wall types
  • Frame design with no visible fixings to the wall
  • Double seals
  • UPS to PLC’s
  • Power Loss Upgrade System, to keep the compressed air supply to the seal in power failure
  • Low level sampling port
  • Pneumatic Override Button to release the seal in the event of power failure
  • Vision panel cover
  • Automatic Closer
  • Large door designs up to 4m H and 2.5m W