High Containment from PBSC

PBSC provides equipment designed and tested for the highest levels of containment. With references in many leading BSL3 and BSL4 institutes. Offering a range of products that create a dependable barrier using strong but flexible solutions where high containment is required. PBSC has developed a full range of equipment to suit all applications from BSL2 to BSL4, including specific designs to work with various building wall constructions.

APR Vision Panel HC-Vd/s/f

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PBSC’s range of vision panels provide excellent functionality and aesthetics throughout your facility.

The high containment vision panel is available double-glazed or single-glazed with a polished stainless-steel frame and is essential in controlled environments from BSL2 to BSL4-Ag to provide visibility and a friendly and functional open space atmosphere.

Barrier Hatch HC-BH

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PBSC’s range of room-to-room hatches provide reliable interlocked door transfer routes and are custom designed to address a wide range of applications; from non-containment environments right up to the most rigorously controlled BSL4 laboratories.

The barrier hatch has high leakage resistance, suitable for BSL4 applications and can be fitted with pneumatic seals and sophisticated access and control options.

Dunk Tank HC-DT

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Where decontamination of small-scale items is needed PBSC produces a dunk tank system for installation on the containment barrier. Featuring stainless steel lids (mounted on cast stainless-steel hinges).

Within the tank, a hinge-down submersion plate is provided to ensure items are held below the surface of the neutralizing chemical liquid.

Inflatable Seal Door Set HC-ISD

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PBSC’s inflatable seal doors provide the highest possible airtight containment in applications involving high traffic and wheeled equipment. The doorframe is flush with the floor eliminating any trip hazard or trolley interference.

The seal around the perimeter of the door is inflated by compressed air against a radiused doorframe and provides excellent leakage resistance up to pressure differences of 2000Pa (8” w.g.).

Mechanical Seal Door HC-MSD

Mechanical Seal Door, High Containment Door, Hospital Door, Lab Door, Laboratory Door, Stainless Steel Door, APR Door, Containment. Medical Research, High Containment Door

Mechanical seal door sets are applicable for all containment applications, both stainless-steel or machined HPL door leaves are available, both door leaves are tested to 2500PA (10” W.G.). Creating a dependable airtight barrier by using a strong but flexible seal that is compressed against the doorframe.

Manual compression of the seal doesn’t require compressed air, thus providing a fail-safe seal in the event of a power failure.


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